How to Use Auto Repair Management Software to Your Advantage

Auto repair management software eradicates the need for a lot of your routine paperwork and help you run a more efficient shop. This article will look at what this software is, and how it can help you be a better auto mechanic.

Auto Repair Management Software

Overview: Auto repair management software is basically a computer program that auto mechanics use to monitor their workflow. They also use it to send invoices electronically, track time worked on jobs automatically without having to input data every time they complete a task on a job, manage auto parts inventory among other functions. 

Most auto repair shops don't realize what this type of software can do for them initially because they don't understand what it could do to make their lives easier or their business more profitable.

Why Do You Need Auto Repair Management Software in the First Place?

Most auto repair shops are run by auto mechanics because that's what they know and understand best. However, that doesn’t mean auto mechanics should run auto repair shops. Auto mechanics are usually very good at working on cars. However, they aren’t so great in the business side of things like marketing or record keeping. 

This is why digital solutions were created in the first place; to free auto shop owners from having to do a lot of this tedious work so they can focus their attention on more important matters.

Auto mechanic: "I don't have time to input all my data into a computer."

Owner of an auto body shop: "I don't have time for record-keeping. I just want to run my business."

This is where auto repair management software can come in handy. Automating many of the tasks that auto mechanics and auto body shop owners don't have time for makes the business side of things more manageable. In other words, it takes the load off their shoulders so they can focus on what they're good at. 

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What Makes These Software So Good?

One of the best features of these software is that it's customizable to fit your specific needs as an auto repair shop owner. 

If you only need to use it for invoicing, then you can make that your main focus and ignore all the other bells and whistles that come it.

All auto mechanics have different needs, which is why auto repair software needs to be customizable to fit those specific needs.

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What Do You Need to Set The System Up?

In order for the software to work, of course, you'll need a decent computer system and a stable internet connection. You may also need a printer if you plan on printing out invoices, estimates, timesheets and other documents once the data has been entered. 

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Quick Data Entry

A barcode scanner also comes in handy because many such software can input data just by scanning a barcode! If you scan everything instead of taking the time to enter them manually, you'll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation in the long run. You can even scan VIN to input information about cars: talk about convenience! In the U.S., you can even use license plate numbers to fetch such information.

When your business is booming, every little automation helps. You can save hours upon hours by simplifying the way you enter data.

Manage Customers With Ease

Just about every management software program available today comes with some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM system is basically a database that stores information on all your past and current customers. This information can include anything from contact information to job history to what type of services or repairs they've had done in the past. 

The main purpose of a CRM system is to help you keep track of your customers. This helps you better serve them in the future. 

For example, if you know that a certain customer always takes their car in for oil changes every 3,000 miles, you can remind them when it's getting close to that 3,000-mile mark. You can even offer them a special deal on an oil change. 

Another great feature of most CRM systems is that they can generate reports. This means you can see at a glance how many jobs you did last month, what your average labor cost was for each job, what type of services or repairs your customers are most likely to request and more. This information is extremely valuable when it comes time to sit down and prepare your annual business plan.

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Things to Look Out For

When using auto repair management software, one thing to keep in mind is that it's not a replacement for common sense and good old-fashioned customer service. There will always be times when something goes wrong and the customer isn't happy with the outcome of the job. 

A CRM system isn't going to be able to make that customer forget about the fact that they were overcharged, or sent home with a faulty part. All it can do is help you keep track of who your unhappy customers are so you can get in touch with them and make things right.

Many auto mechanics and auto body shop owners use auto repair invoicing software because it makes their lives easier. The time they save on record-keeping allows them to focus on what's really important: taking care of their customers and increasing sales by doing quality work at competitive prices. 

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Wrapping It Up

Auto repair management software is a must-have for auto mechanics and auto body shops. It helps them keep track of their inventory, customers and work orders with ease. If you're just starting to run your repair business, we recommend reading this post which outlines the common pitfalls that come about when starting such businesses.

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