Top 6 Doorstep Bike Service start-ups in India

    Bike Service Startup

    More than we now realize, the COVID-19 epidemic has altered the course of history. Not only has our routine changed, but so has the way we use services. Businesses are coming up with creative solutions to deal with the new normal. While e-commerce websites prospered following the lockdown, the need for app-based online automobile service platforms has also increased. The service, which numerous start-ups have spearheaded, has gained tremendous traction in recent months. We anticipate this trend will continue as consumers grow accustomed to ease and transparency.

    Here is a list of automobile start-ups that provide doorstep maintenance services for cars and two-wheelers right at your doorstep:

    1. Apna Mechanic

    Apna Mechanic

    Apna Mechanic, a Delhi-NCR-based company, offers its services for all two-wheeler brands within 90 minutes to the customer's doorstep. This entails replacing the brake pads, spark plugs, air, oil, fuel filters, and other parts. The company offers minor repairs that can be completed at the owner's house and also handle serious or accidental damage at their workshop. It aims to save the customer time while offering a less complicated option for prompt servicing and preventive maintenance. The company performs a 25-point inspection on the two-wheelers to identify any drivability problems and check them for damage. After the diagnosis is complete, they also suggest any significant repairs that need to be made.

    Contact Details:

    Email: info@apnamechanic.com

    Phone: +91-8001-96-8001

    Website: https://www.apnamechanic.com/

    2. GoBumpr

    In contrast to the majority of its competitors, GoBumpr offers both car and bike services, hence expanding its customer base. GoBumpr was established in 2015 in Chennai and collaborates with neighborhood garages to increase process transparency, from the payment plans to the usage of genuine replacement parts. The business aids neighborhood service businesses in embracing mobile and digital technology. In India, the service sector is worth $6 billion, and GoBumpr wants to take a piece of that market.

    3. Hoopy

    Although there are several car doorstep services, Hoopy, founded in 2016, has been providing the same services for two-wheelers. The bike service provider guarantees to provide open, transparent servicing with genuine replacement components, essential inspections for every vehicle, payment, and bill breakdown. Hoopy has announced a partnership with Shell Lubricants India to broaden its services and bring up to 5000 mechanics across India. The start-up wants to empower mechanics who might have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic by hiring them and providing them with a platform. It's interesting to see that manufacturers like Royal Enfield and TVS, who offer doorstep services for their respective vehicles, are now competitors of Hoopy.

    4. Bikefixo

    Located in Delhi, Bikefixo is a full-service auto repair facility. With its professionals carrying all the required tools, spares, and spare parts to carry out the repairs, Bikefixo provides doorstep services at your home and office. With the online service guaranteeing reduced operational costs, the company asserts that its charges are 50% lower than its competitors. The brand claims that because of the relatively high-profit margins, it is able to regulate labor and spare parts costs and pass the savings through to the client.

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    5. CredR

    Mumbai-based CredR, one of the companies using the doorstep service model, was established in 2014. The start-up provides repairs and vehicle maintenance at the owner's location with a fully equipped mechanic carrying all the equipment. You can use CredR's services by downloading the app or visiting its website, which offers a quick price based on the job's specifics. As a result of the lockdown, the business launched its zero contact service, which makes sure that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned after every repair, including the key fob, before being given to the customer.

    6. Urban Company Bike Service

    urban company bike repair service

    Some time ago the urban company bike service used to do bike repair at home. They did many bike service at home, but some time ago the urban company stopped to send bike mechanic at home. It may be that the urban company bike service can be started again. But nothing can be said about whether they will start this service again or not.

    Why should you choose bike service apps instead of Local Mechanic?

    There are several benefits of getting your bike repaired and serviced regularly from a genuine service provider that you should investigate. Users can save time and boost a vehicle's resale value by keeping it well-maintained and comprehensive. Additionally, a well-kept vehicle will help you save a lot of money.

    Here are the main reasons for opting for doorstep bike servicing so that you can set a better perspective.

    Service Guarantee

    When you get your bike fixed by a doorstep bike repair service, it helps you maintain the guarantee on the replacement spare parts since they utilize authentic spare parts under the owner's supervision, preventing the warranty from becoming void. If your local mechanic replaces any original parts with non-OEM parts, any subsequent problems brought on by the non-OEM device won't be covered by an authorized workshop, even if your bike is still under warranty.

    Genuine Spare Parts

    The main benefit of getting your bike serviced at your doorstep is that you know they make use of genuine spare parts without fail. After the customer's approval, the parts are replaced at their doorstep under their supervision. On the other hand, the majority of the local auto repair shops add poor quality or low-grade parts to the motorcycles. This not only shortens its lifespan but also significantly lowers its performance. 

    Value for Money

    The bike repair and maintenance services at the doorstep are more cost-effective and inexpensive as they are affordable and charge less compared to the showroom garages, which charge high prices for the same services and the parts installed.

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