What Is A Roadside Assistance Cover In A Car Insurance Policy


To operate your motorised vehicle on Indian roads, you must first confirm that your Bajaj Allianz car insurance is current and legal. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, all vehicle owners must invest in third-party motor insurance coverage. However, the coverage provided by such insurance is restricted. Comprehensive insurance is required if you want to be financially protected from natural catastrophes as well as human-caused accidents and events. With the aid of add-on covers, you may also receive more coverage, one of which is roadside assistance. Also, make sure that car insurance renewal is done in due time.

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What is roadside assistance in Motor Insurance?

As the name implies, roadside assistance is the immediate assistance you may get if or when your car breaks down, which is particularly helpful when it happens when you least expect it. When you have this add-on option, you can contact your insurance provider for help with anything, if you are stuck on the road. Like jumpstarting your car's engine, repairing a flat tire, providing you with enough gasoline to reach a nearby petrol station, or towing your vehicle to a nearby mechanic. Roadside assistance helps you cope with stressful issues that arise when your car breaks down or malfunctions, and it also gives respite. Roadside help is usually available with comprehensive auto insurance policy options in India with most insurance providers.

How much does it cost?

In the case of automobile insurance, the cost of roadside assistance coverage differs from one insurance provider to another. The base cost of roadside assistance add-on coverage is determined by several criteria, including the kind of car you possess, its age, among others. RSA premiums for sedans, small cars, and hatchbacks are often less expensive than those for SUVs, multi-purpose vehicles, and luxury vehicles, to name a few examples. Geographical variables like the city in which you live, the availability of garages, and other similar considerations influence the cost of your RSA insurance premium.

How does roadside assistance coverage operate?

If your car has an unexpected breakdown, you will not be forced to hurry for assistance. Instead, you should contact your automobile insurance company and inform them of your current condition. After that, the insurer will contact the closest garage in its network, and a person from the garage will travel to the location where you are stuck with your vehicle and help you with your situation. 

In accordance with the nature of the breakdown, the garage technician will either fix your car or tow it to the garage. You may also request help to fill your car up to the next petrol station, but you will be responsible for the cost of the gasoline you use. Because you would have previously paid a premium for this coverage, you would be reimbursed for expenditures up to the amount of the roadside assistance coverage you purchased. You will be responsible for the remaining expenses out of your pocket. 

Often, if car insurance renewal has not been done within time, you will be able to contact the insurer to request roadside assistance. However, you must be prepared to face all of the fees involved with the transportation of the garage technician and the cost of the repair work.

So, what exactly is covered by roadside assistance, and what are the benefits of Roadside Assistance coverage?

Under the roadside assistance coverage add-on, most insurance companies will normally protect you against the following situations.

Minor repairs: If your car suffers from a mechanical issue, it may be necessary to do minor repairs. If you find yourself in this circumstance, you may contact for roadside help.

Battery failure: If your car's battery fails, the insurance company will dispatch a technician from one of its network garages to repair the issue and, if required, offer a jumpstart to the vehicle's battery.

Flat Tyre: All car owners are familiar with the inconvenience of having a flat tyre or a tyre puncture. You may contact your insurance company for assistance in repairing the flat tyre. If a tyre has to be changed, the insurance will send a technician to your location and give you a replacement tyre if necessary.

Support for taxi services: If you need to travel someplace quickly after your vehicle breaks down, your insurance company will arrange for a taxi to take you there. However, there are restrictions on how far you may go, and they will vary depending on your insurance carrier.


You must cover the costs of obtaining the services and that the insurance is only facilitating access to the services. The Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance will give you gasoline supplies, but you will be responsible for paying for the fuel; similarly, if you need to be towed, you will be responsible for the costs of towing and the costs of garage and mechanic services. Although it is costly, having roadside assistance coverage is advantageous since it reduces the amount of time spent waiting for service and reduces the amount of stress involved in the situation. 

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