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    Did you know that the McLaren started as a racing car? That could be a big selling point for the famous sports car today. It seems like McLaren comes out with a new model almost every year. If you're the type who enjoys driving the latest models and can afford it, leasing a McLaren might be the right move for you.

    McLaren Lease

    What is a McLaren Lease?

    A McLaren lease is a rental agreement between you and the "lessor.” A lessor is the company that owns or is planning to buy the car. You and the lessor will have to determine a timeframe for your rental of the McLaren. The rental period is usually between 2-4 years. You will have to decide whether to renew the lease or not once the rental period is over.


    To be able to rent the McLaren, you will have to make an upfront payment and pay monthly rental charges. There are extra fees that could be added in certain situations. These fees may be due to:

    You causing any damage to the McLaren

    You want to terminate the lease early

    You miss a rental payment

    Pros of a McLaren Lease

    McLaren and other car leases will benefit the drivers in certain situations. Suppose you are considering buying a McLaren later on. In that case, a lease could help you decide by letting you see how the McLaren operates. That way, if you don't particularly enjoy the car, you won't be wasting your money. A McLaren lease would also be ideal for those that want to drive the latest models. By leasing instead of buying, they wouldn't acquire a massive amount of cars in their driveway and have to sell one almost every year.

    Cons of a McLaren Lease

    A McLaren lease may not be worth it if you're not one of the two people mentioned in the previous section. There are other cons to a lease than just the fees you are required to pay.

    ● You are only allowed a certain number of miles a year. The typical range is from 10,000 to 15,000. 

    ● Leasing the car for many years will add up to more than the total of buying and keeping one.

    ● Paying for the deprecation at the beginning of a car’s life is a waste

    ● You can’t take the McLaren with you if you move out of state

    The McLaren is another innovative brand, and its appeal is obvious. However, you shouldn't agree to lease a car just for its status symbol. Do your research and know what you are getting into before committing.

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