4 Keys To Improve Dealer's After-Sales Service

Automate campaigns and processes to build customer loyalty in the after-sales area.

We live in a time where dealerships are experiencing a decline in vehicle sales. A situation that is forcing the after-sales area to generate, now more than ever, profitability so that dealers can get ahead. After-sales is the best showcase and sales argument that a dealership can have, and its good or bad reputation will largely depend on how this area is managed.

For this reason, in today's post we talk about the importance of having business solutions that help in all kinds of tasks related to the after-sales digital marketing of a dealership, with a clear objective: to retain and retain the customer we already have. by automating campaigns and obtaining complete traceability of the processes to know what we need to improve.

We start with the four keys you should keep in mind when improving a dealer's after-sales service!

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Aftermarket digital marketing

In recent years, digital marketing has changed drastically. Now, the customer has countless channels of interaction with the dealer (email marketing, social networks, online chats, telephone...). A series of communication channels that are completely necessary but that, at the same time, are generating an amount of work that employees must know how to deal with.

Some of the challenges facing the automotive sector today are:

● Omnichannel: The customer is the one who decides through which channel they are going to contact, make an appointment or know the status of their vehicle.

● Customer experience: It is important to know how to support this demand from the client, so that their experience is as satisfactory as possible.

● Employee experience: A very important challenge that is often forgotten. How is the customer going to have a good experience if the employee who attends to him does not have the F&I training and the necessary tools for it?

● Fidelity: The more contact channels the customer has and the better their experience, the easier it will be to retain them.

Customer loyalty and retention

Well, we already know that if we improve the employee experience it will be much easier to meet the objective of improving the customer experience and building loyalty, but how to do it?: through a continuous communication plan that allows us to generate post-sale leads and carry out a correct planning and management of appointments.

The better we know our client and his behavior, the better we can predict when he should carry out a certain operation. And it is that, at the moment a vehicle is sold, that customer automatically becomes an after-sales lead, so it is very important not only to know him, but also to know the history of the times his vehicle has been through workshop and why you did it. In this way, we can anticipate the date on which a certain customer must be contacted to notify him, for example, that his vehicle needs a revision.

It is, therefore, about contacting the client at the right time so that it is easier to retain him. In this sense, better customer segmentation will help us generate more opportunities and improve appointment management to increase workshop traffic.

Automation of post-sale marketing processes and campaigns

Once we have all the information about the customer, the sale of the vehicle and the history of its visit to the workshop (operations), the next step is to automate the customer journey that we have previously established. You can see an example below:

Having a management solution that allows us to automate all these tasks and personalize communication, whatever the channel, will be essential to make work easier and meet the objectives set.

Traceability of the information generated by the dealer

Finally, having all the traceability of the information is one of the main keys to improving a dealer's after-sales service. Since, what is not measured, cannot be managed, and what cannot be managed, cannot be improved.

What is happening in the customer journey? What benefits are my campaigns reporting?

Having a reporting and Business Intelligence tool will allow us to analyse, manage and improve what is not working. Among other things, we will be able to obtain a single view of reality, analyze the different conversion funnels and be able to access that information from anywhere.

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