How to Keep Your Car Interior Pristine

In the past, new cars often focused on the exterior. Car exteriors have come a long way, but today’s autos have focused on the interior. It should come as no surprise because 71% of auto executives believe interiors will become more critical to the marketing of vehicles in the years ahead.

Keeping your interior pristine is just as important as regularly washing and waxing your exterior. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much time or expense to keep your interior looking good as new. Here’s your guide to maintaining the look and feel of your interior.

Car Interior

Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Your Best Friend

The easiest way to spruce up your car’s interior is to purchase an auto vacuum cleaner. Vacuums will quickly suck up all the dirt and debris from the carpet, inside the vents, and the various glove compartments and pockets.

A vacuum cleaner is essential if you like eating inside your vehicle since crumbs are almost impossible to remove without one.

Wet vacuum cleaners are an even better investment because they have the dual purpose of removing loose dirt and keeping your seats clean in a hurry.

Have Microfiber Towels to Hand

Another cost-effective investment is microfiber towels. Wet wipes work great for rejuvenating skin, and microfiber towels are the auto equivalent.

Microfiber towels help remove embedded dirt within the fibers of your car’s carpets and seats. Just wipe the dash and your seats. It won’t remove all dirt and debris, but it’s a quick fix when you have a spare moment.

If you have leather seats, invest in a great leather conditioner to keep them supple and flexible, which can avoid cracking. Also, regularly refreshing the leather in your car is essential because if it dries out, it could be permanently damaged.

Regarding floor mats and seat covers, microfiber towels also come in handy. However, both these items should be replaced every couple of months. Finally, not many people know that dust isn’t just unsightly. It can also scratch surfaces.

Park in Shaded Areas

Where you park can make your job of keeping your interior looking great a lot easier. But, unfortunately, sunshine is a car’s worst enemy. Direct sunlight damages your vehicle's dashboard, leather seating, and exterior.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause premature breakage and melting. In addition, people often need to pay more attention to the temperatures a car can reach. According to insurer State Farm, indoor car temperatures can reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit, with direct sunlight causing surfaces to reach 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Install Window Tinting

You can’t expect always to keep your car in the shade. Sometimes, you will need to use on-street parking in the middle of a summer heatwave. However, window tinting can help with keeping harmful UV rays out of your vehicle.

Investing in window tinting in Southlake, TX, can block practically all UV light, which wears out surfaces and breaks up fabric fibers. In addition, window tinting is more affordable than most people think, with professional tinting jobs costing just a few hundred dollars.

It’s strongly recommended not to purchase a DIY tinting kit. Installing window tinting requires precision and accuracy. Simple mistakes can cause irreparable damage requiring the replacement of the whole window.

Furthermore, states have strict rules on the extent of your window tinting. If your windows are too dark, you could get a traffic ticket. Note that some states outlaw tinting on the front window entirely. Consulting a professional will guarantee you remain compliant with your state’s window tinting laws.

Get an In-Car Trashcan

Junk tends to build up in cars over time. After a long day at the office, leaving things lying around is easy. Things like candy wrappers, chip packets, receipts, and more can quickly clutter the spaces inside your car, leaving it looking messy.

A small trash bin keeps everything in one place and slashes how long you spend clearing things out of your car every Sunday.

Clean on the Fly

Decluttering your car is as crucial as applying leather conditioner to leather seating. Empty the trashcan, segregate the junk, and periodically remove anything you don’t need on your next trip.

Making it a daily habit prevents you from spending a whole afternoon putting everything right. Cleaning as part of your daily ritual takes seconds to remove most of the superficial junk that accumulates over the weeks.

Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

No matter how much attention you pay to your vehicle, sooner or later, your car won’t look as good as it once did.

Exterior detailing is one of the most commonly asked-for services in garages nationwide. You can also have the interior of your car detailed.

Professional detailing ensures your car is immaculate. Detailers can eliminate the last remaining crumb inside your vehicle. The quality of a commercial clean is unsurpassed, leaving your interior looking like it was finished yesterday.

Always choose an established dealer for a job like this. They will use commercial-grade detailing products that clean and protect interior services. Additionally, you get to drive away with that nostalgic new car smell.

Note that detailing will cost a couple of hundred dollars, but investing once or twice a year can keep your car looking great for longer.


Most people despair at how the inside of their car looks, thinking they need to buy a new car or take it to a professional to rejuvenate it. However, the primary reason why cars begin to show their age inside is because of a lack of regular maintenance.

Spending just a few hours per month taking care of your vehicle by emptying the trash and wiping the dash can make a world of difference to how your car looks and feels.

Get the car you deserve, put the effort in, and make your pride and joy a pleasure to drive all over again.

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