What You Should Look For When Inspecting A Motor Grader

A motor grader is an equipment that helps in grading the road and making it smooth for construction purposes. Besides them, they are really helpful in a variety of tasks such as clearing the land and leveling the ground with the help of its blade. The right size of a motor grader will better help you carry out your job. Choosing the right model and size will always boost the productivity and quality of the tasks. 


It is always a better idea to inspect your equipment while buying a used one for your fleet or project. Inspection of used equipment like a motor grader will also keep you safe from wasting money. As it is understood that buying heavy equipment is a big investment. 

In this article, we are listing some of the useful tips to look for when buying a caterpillar grader 140g for sale. These inspection tips will tell you about the equipment parts and their working capacities.

1. Steering

Steering wheels on heavy equipment like a motor grader are an important part. It allows the wheel to move in the required directions. The steering wheel must be smooth to move. 

When you are going to buy a used CAT 140g for sale, check its steering wheel first. Sometimes in used machines, the steering wheels are not functional as they need to be. If you are having a new machine then it is not a big problem but if you are settling for used equipment then do not bypass this part of the equipment at any cost.

2. Hydraulics

The hydraulics system of a motor grader is an important part to move it smoothly. It must not have any wear and tear. During the inspection of your motor grader 140H, closely examine its hydraulic system. If you find any leakage and lose binding between the stirrup and hydraulic cylinders, immediately ask them the dealer to fix it. You can check the loose play between the hydraulic cylinder and stirrups by rising or lowering the grader. 

3. Mouldboard

While inspecting a used caterpillar 140g for sale, do not forget to check the moldboard. Mouldboard helps the motor grader to perform its job seamlessly. All the bolts and nuts should be tightly fixed. You can ask for the replacement of the mouldboard if you find at least 13 cm of cutting age between the bolts. 

4. Right Alignment

The grader alignment is something that keeps it balanced during operation. Do not forget to inspect the alignment of the grader. If it is leaning to any side, ask the dealer to fix it. A loose articulation point will be bent if the front and back wheels are not in the right alignment.

5. Front and Back Wheels

The tires and wheels are the main things to look for during an inspection. While you are inspecting a cat motor grader 140g, closely examine its front and back wheel. The wheels should have appropriate pressure in them and should not have any wear and tear. The axles should move easily and there should not be any bounce when pushing down one wheel.

The bottom Line

The motor grader is one of the most in-demand heavy machinery. It helps in grading the land and making it ready for construction. The Caterpillar motor grader 140H is one of the best pieces of equipment that you can opt for. However, if you are looking for a used grader, do not forget to inspect it closely. The equipment purchase is an expensive investment. In this article, you may find some of the key points to look for when inspecting a motor grader. You can make a checklist when having a motor grader for your next project or your fleet.

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