The Importance of MOT Testing: Reasons You Shouldn't Skip It

    Did you know that the MOT test was first introduced back in 1960? It was founded as a significant milestone in achieving road safety and regulations, which has now become an important factor in ensuring that your car is ready to go on the road. 

    Over the years, due to advancements in technology and changes in vehicle design, the MOT test has also evolved and adapted accordingly. What remains the same is the test’s reliability and level of relevance, which perfectly addresses the changes that come with time in the automotive industry.

    MOT Testing

    Why is it so important, you may ask. Well, it is a proactive step towards ensuring your vehicles meet specific safety and emissions standards. It is an initiative that showcases how responsible you are as a vehicle owner. But wait! There’s more to it than that. 

    To help you out, we have made a list of points to highlight the importance of an MOT test for your vehicle and why you shouldn't skip it. 

    Let’s check them out!

    1. It is a Legal Requirement 

    An MOT test (Ministry of Transport Test) is not just a mere suggestion, it is a legal requirement if you are a car owner in the UK. This test is conducted by skilled professionals, who thoroughly assess crucial elements like brakes, lights, steering, tyres and more. 

    This helps them ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly and is safe to drive on the roads. It is a legal necessity to get your vehicle tested every year, especially if it is older than 3 years. Skipping this test may lead you to pay hefty fines or even worse, it may get your car’s registration suspended. 

    There are established centres for testing your MOT in Northampton, London, Essex and other areas. With regular MOT testing, you can ensure that your car is truly safe to operate.

    2. Ensures Your Safety

    When you hit the road, your safety and the safety of those around you is priority. During an MOT test, you can identify hidden issues that may usually escape your notice, posing a threat to the safety of your vehicle. 

    This test provides you with recommendations that you can implement, for instance, whether a specific part requires servicing or replacement. With annual MOT testing, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in top-notch condition, allowing you to enjoy your rides worry-free. 

    3. Prevents Breakdowns

    Unexpected vehicle breakdowns can leave you stranded on the roadside. Going for periodic MOT testing is a smart move to avoid such mishaps. Due to the careful examination conducted in a MOT test, you can proactively detect issues in your car, preventing such breakdowns. 

    If there are no issues found, you can rest easy. On the other hand, if there are any problems identified during the test, you’ll have a chance to fix them right then, saving you from unexpected breakdowns and urgent repairs. 

    4. Helps in Insurance Claims

    Dealing with a car accident is bad enough, however, the process of claiming your car insurance can often become a bigger nightmare. In such a situation, having a valid MOT certificate is like a shield that will protect your interests. 

    If you find yourself in an unfortunate event like a car collision, you will need to prove to the insurance company that your car was in perfect condition before the accident. Showing them your latest and up-to-date MOT certificate will work as positive proof in your favour, increasing the chances for you to win the claim. 

    5. Increases the Resale Value 

    When it comes to selling your used car, maintaining all the necessary documentation and certification of your car is likely to have a positive influence on its prospective buyer. 

    Due to its rigorous testing and examination, an MOT certification can prove to be a useful document. On average an MOT test in the UK costs between 30 to 55 pounds, however, this minimal spend will pay you back handsomely. This test will give new life to your vehicle, ultimately increasing its resale value. 

    To Sum It Up 

    Ignoring the warning signs and avoiding conducting an MOT test can cost you a hefty sum. Furthermore, in such a situation if you meet with an accident, you would not be able to claim any compensation. This is because your insurance will become invalid without an updated MOT certificate. 

    An MOT test is a small investment that you need to make every year, to keep your vehicle safe and sound. With the help of professional and skilled technicians, you can transform your vehicle and prolong its life significantly. Don’t delay it any longer, get your vehicle certified today!

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