6 Reasons to Invest In A Ford Fiesta

    For more than ten years, the Ford Fiesta has been the go-to choice for many Brits, holding its own as the best-selling car from 2009 to 2020. It's not a fluke, the Ford has the lasting charm that we’ve all just come to love. 

    The latest models are speedy, tech-savvy, and easy to zip around in, especially through narrow lanes and tight spots. In addition to this, the Ford Fiesta has also earned its place among the top picks for used cars.

    Ford Fiesta

    If you are wondering what makes this supermini such a popular choice of investment, you are about to find out! We have listed six compelling benefits of this car, to help you make a sound investment decision. 

    Let’s check them out!

    1. It has an Average Running Cost 

    Belonging to the range of compact cars, the Ford Fiesta is very budget-friendly to operate. It has efficient engine variants like the 1.0-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel, with impressive mpg figures of 65+ and 85+ respectively. This supermini makes sure that your road trips remain under budget. 

    Moreover, the Fiesta falls into low insurance groups and maintains low CO2 emissions, enhancing its overall cost-effectiveness. The economic advantages extend beyond the fuel pump, as the maintenance costs for this car are sensible. 

    You can acquire Ford Fiesta car parts online or at authorised centres at an affordable price point. All of these factors make this car a great investment, if you are looking for a good option without breaking the bank. 

    2. It is Good For Driving 

    In the Supermini series, the Ford Fiesta offers the best driving experience. Its steering mechanism is made with precision and accuracy, providing an unparalleled driving experience to its owners. 

    The car's grip on the road helps the driver maintain concentration on the road while navigating through difficult turns and corners. Furthermore, it has a very controlled body, which ensures a composed and stable performance. 

    3. It is Very Comfortable 

    The Ford Fiesta not only excels in its agile handling but also surprises with its exceptional comfort. Many nimble cars sacrifice comfort for performance, but the Fiesta breaks away from this trend. Despite its compact supermini wheelbase, the Fiesta easily runs on bumpy surfaces. 

    The springs effectively absorb the imperfections of the road, ensuring a smooth ride even on potted, rutted, or humped paths. This means you can handle the car efficiently without compromising on comfort. Whether you are cruising through the streets of the city or uneven rural roads, this car provides you with a  comfortable and pleasant driving experience. 

    4. It Looks Fabulous 

    The Ford Fiesta, a classic since 1976, continues to impress with its seventh-generation design. The rounded and wedge-like shape is an excellent example of a perfectly proportioned design. These design features attract potential buyers instantly. 

    Throughout its existence, the Fiesta has continuously blended style with functionality. Due to this, it has established itself as a prime example of automotive beauty. The seventh generation's sleek and modern lines make its appearance more attractive, providing you with a visually pleasing package overall. 

    5. It Has a One-Of-A-Kind Cabin 

    The Ford Fiesta not only has an exceptional exterior but also an equally stunning interior. The distinctive design is smoothly transferred from the outer shell to the cabin. The cabin’s design consists of numerous curves that attract its observers and differentiate it from the competition. 

    This unique design approach makes the car’s interior visually appealing, allowing it to stand out within the crowded supermini segment. Besides the beauty, the cabin is also very practical, featuring easily readable dials that enhance the overall driving experience. 

    6. It Has Driving Position Adjustments 

    In the case of superminis, not all models address the varied needs of drivers. One of the most notable complaints is that this range often lacks flexible steering wheels and seats. The Fiesta, however, is different as it provides ample adjustment options, making sure a comfortable driving position for individuals of all body types. 

    Additionally, this car offers adjustments for both rake and reach on the steering wheel, allowing you to change its position up and down, as well as in and out. This considerate design guarantees a seamless experience in finding the ideal driving position, whether you fall on the shorter or taller side. 

    To Sum It Up 

    When it comes to investing in a car, careful consideration of certain factors is very important. The needs and preferences may change from person to person. The Fiesta may prove to be an excellent choice for one person. On the other hand, it may not be suitable for another. 

    Before you decide to buy a car, think about your budget, needs, likes, driving style, etc. Always make it a priority to take a test drive, helping you make a better decision. Ensure that the model has all the features that you desire.

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