Hit-and-Run: Stay Calm & Take Action! 5 Urgent Steps to Follow

    Hit and runs are, unfortunately, commonplace in modern society, where there are more careless drivers than ever, thanks to increased distractions, drinking and driving, and using the phone while on the road. This has led to traffic accidents increasing with time, and, with it, the rate of hit-and-runs popping up has, too. If you've found yourself caught in the middle of such an accident, stay calm and keep reading to find out what you'll need to do.

    Hit-and-Run Steps to Follow

    Assess your condition and your surroundings

    If you’ve been in a hit-and-run, the first thing you’ll need to do is check how much damage you've sustained, including any broken bones, bruises, and open wounds. This is far easier said than done since, right after a major accident, you may be in shock and in too much stress to maintain enough presence in the current situation to understand what's going on. The adrenalin flowing through your body will likely dull any pain you're feeling, which makes it even tougher to understand how tough you are, but once you've given yourself a minute or two to calm down, check what's happened to you so that you can decide what your next course of action is.

    Call the Police 

    If you're in a good enough condition to take alternative measures to ensure that the steps you take in the future will be easier, you should promptly call the police. You and any bystanders will be able to recall the vehicle's make, model, and possibly the number plate, which will help in tracking down the preparator massively, and, what's more, is that the statements you give to the police and the ones they receive from witnesses will be used as legal proof of what happened, and they'll play right into your hand if you decide to take this case further and go to court. 

    Get to a Hospital as soon as Possible

    If you've been critically injured in response to a hit and run by an irresponsible driver, your first and most urgent step may be to go to the hospital immediately, without stopping to call the police or to document anything else. Critical injuries are far more common in hit-and-runs than in other kinds of accidents since the vehicles involved are usually already speeding and out of control, and going to the hospital as soon as possible can be the difference between serious complications, nerve damage, and blood loss, and having some long term problems that can be eventually fixed if you receive care. 

    Document Everything You Can

    Documenting is an important step of any process if you've been injured and are seeking compensation, but that's something you may only be able to do if you're able and not if you've been hospitalized with major injuries. Take pictures of your condition, and make sure you compile the police reports of the accident, including the statements any witnesses may give. You should also document your medical report and what your doctor had to say about your condition so that you can use this information to get an insurance payout for your medical bill or, in some cases, have enough proof to get compensation from the person who ran you over. 

    Get an Attorney

    Getting an attorney is crucial for any and all hit-and-run cases since, if you’ve been hit by a bus, for example, the right bus accident lawyer will be able to cut through all the noise, using their expertise to sue the company involved and get to the bottom of what caused your accident. The chances of you getting some form of compensation through working with a lawyer is too high to pass up, and there’s also a chance that you’ll get an unsafe driver off the road, in which case you’ll be doing a service to everyone around you. 


    Hit and runs are incredibly damaging and dangerous, and if you've found yourself in the center of one or a witness, it's important to know exactly what to do next. Medical attention is integral, but so too is documenting everything you can, if you're able to, in case you want to take legal action. The road is becoming more and more dangerous with time, so stay safe and use the information in this article to navigate any major accident.  

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