5 Must Have Suspension Modifications for Performance

    A well-tuned suspension not only improves handling but also transforms your overall driving experience. In this in-depth guide, we'll delve into the top five modifications you can make to your suspension to achieve optimal performance on the road no matter your budget, skills or vehicle!


    Understanding the Basics of Suspension

    Before we dive into the world of suspension mods, let's establish a solid foundation by understanding the core components of your vehicle's suspension system. This system, consisting of shocks, springs, control arms (upper/lower), endlinks and sway bars, serves to support your vehicle's weight, absorb road shocks, and maintain optimal tire contact with the road during straight paths or turns. These components work in harmony to define your ride quality, handling, and overall driving experience.

    Key Terms

    Here we will explore a couple of the recurring terms that will come up along with some other general suspension/handling terms you will encounter!


    The inward and outward tilt of the tire and wheel assembly viewed from the front of the vehicle.

    Ride height:

    Ride height or ground clearance is the amount of space between the ground and the lowest point of the vehicle.


    The angle that identifies the forward or backward slope of a line that is drawn through the upper and lower steering pivot points.

    Center of gravity:

    The theoretical center point where the sum of all of the masses of each of its individual components effectively acts.


    A measurement that determines how much the front and/or rear wheels are turned in or out from a straight

    1. Weight Reduction: Shed those pounds!

    Weight reduction seems to be such an overlooked modification when it comes to improving handling and suspension!

    Weight reduction not only improves acceleration and handling but also positively impacts fuel efficiency. 

    Weight reduction can fit any budget necessary ranging from absolutely free to thousands. Explore lightweight materials for components like seats, wheels, body panels and/or remove unnecessary materials and excessive luxury items from within your vehicle!

    Some items to reduce weight for free:

    ● Unnecessary brackets (engine or otherwise).

    ● Cruise control box/cable.

    ● Glovebox(put your registration in your center console).

    ● Decretive engine covers.

    ● Rear truck carpeting.

    ● Hood liner.

    ● Losing weight yourself.

    For even more Budget mods check out: How to modify your car when you are broke.

    Some bought items to reduce weight:

    ● Lightweight Wheels.

    ● Racing Seats.

    ● Carbon Fiber or Aluminum body panels.

    ● Lightweight drivetrain Parts.

    ● Lexan Windows.


    It is important to balance weight savings with safety, do not sacrifice you and your passengers well being for performance!

    2. Sway Bars: Minimizing Body Roll for Precision Control

    Upgrade your vehicle's sway bars to minimize body roll during turns, significantly enhancing overall responsiveness and grip. 

    Brands of sway bars:

    ● Hotchkis

    ● Whiteline

    ● Eibach

    These companies offer a variety of sway bar options, allowing you to fine-tune your suspension based on your driving preferences. This modification is ideal for those seeking improved cornering stability without sacrificing ride comfort and quality. 

    3. Polyurethane Bushings: Enhancing Durability and Responsiveness

    Polyurethane bushings are a game-changer for improving the durability and responsiveness of your suspension system. Replace your factory rubber bushings with polyurethane alternatives to reduce suspension deflection, resulting in more precise handling and a crisper feel on the road. This upgrade is especially beneficial for enthusiasts who have upgraded their sway bars as this maximizes their efficiency.

    Types of bushings:

    ● Sway Bar Bushings.

    ● End Link bushings (usually sold as a whole kit).

    ● Control arm bushings.

    ● Polyurethane Engine/Transmission mounts.

    4. Strut Tower Braces: Strengthening Your Suspension Backbone

    Strengthen your vehicle's chassis with strut tower braces. Strut tower braces connect the top of the struts enhancing structural rigidity. This modification minimizes flex during cornering, allowing your suspension to work more efficiently. Strut tower braces are available for various makes and models, offering increased stability and improved overall handling performance!

    5. Lowering Springs or Coilovers: Tailoring Your Suspension Setup

    Choose between lowering springs or coilovers to tailor your vehicle's ride height and handling characteristics. 

    Lowering springs provide a cost-effective way to achieve a more aggressive stance, while coilovers offer adjustable ride height and damping settings for a personalized driving experience. 

    Consider your driving style, budget and preferences when deciding between these two options, ensuring the perfect balance between form and function.

    Final Adjustments

    Once you've upgraded your struts, strut tower braces, bushings and sway bars, ensuring proper alignment is crucial for reaping the full benefits of your suspension modifications. Proper alignment not only reduces tire wear but also optimizes handling and steering response.

    Visit a reputable alignment shop with experience in performance setups. Specify your desired alignment settings, considering factors such as camber, caster, and toe (See Keywords in Understanding Basics Of suspension above). Alignment adjustments should fit with your driving style and intended use of the vehicle, whether it's spirited street driving or competitive track days.


    It is also worth mentioning that suspension still cannot be fully utilized without proper tires. If you are running eco radials from 7 years ago you will lose traction and all these modifications will not be worth anything. Getting new tires (preferably a performance tire) has many benefits including better traction during braking, acceleration and for us handling! 

    Where Rubber Meets the Road: What Tires Are Right For You?

    Budget and Expensive Recommendations


    Utilizing a higher budget will provide the most benefits in achieving higher suspension performance. My recommendations from experience would be to buy coilovers very first if your car is in good condition, maintenance should be very first! From there move onto the other modifications! If your car is older it may be worthwhile to replace sway bars, endlinks and other bushings, add strut tower braces and so on first, these will act as a precursor for coilovers which will provide the best performance results!

    When it comes to weight reduction feel free to buy as many lightweight parts as you see fit, although pricey these components work incredibly well at increasing your whole vehicle's performance without losing luxury! 


    For a more frugal suspension setup, start with weight reduction and maintenance. Utilizing free weight reduction modifications helps to reduce weight transfer without spending a dime! Once you have saved enough money to purchase modifications, buy sway bars with polyurethane bushings. If buying both at once is too expensive, find your car's handling weak point (front or back) and buy that sway bar and polyurethane bushing set and then move on to the other side after! 

    Once you have bought sway bars it is worthwhile to buy some nice lowering springs, this helps give you a solid suspension setup for relatively affordable price until you progress, purchasing more suspension mods and eventually moving on to buying coilovers. 


    Feel free to sell your old parts (factory or aftermarket) if they are in good/safe usable condition to keep more money in your pockets and help others who are working on the same kind of vehicle!


    In the world of automotive modifications, mastering your vehicle's suspension is a game changer. By upgrading Sway Bars, Strut braces, Bushings, Springs, and fine-tuning alignment, you can achieve a harmonious balance between comfort and performance. Remember that the key to successful suspension modifications lies in understanding your vehicle, choosing quality components, and fine-tuning the setup to suit your driving preferences.

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