15 Types of Drivers we can all relate to

Driving is an important survival skill and privilege, which is why people from all walks of life are eager to learn it. We are all subject to the same traffic rules and ethics, but every driver is unique with respect to their personality. Our lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and quirks have a profound impact on the way we drive. A driver is defined by various elements, such as the car they drive, their attitude towards fellow drivers, their concern for abiding by the law, and their overall demeanor. Below are 15 types of drivers that may have caught your attention on the road, and perhaps you are one of them: 


1. The Phone Addict

This person constantly has their eyes glued to their phone, and is the precise definition of ‘distracted drivers’. You wonder how they got this far with their head down and eyes never looking ahead on the road. If you spot this one, steer as far away as possible because they are bad luck. Phone addicts are usually young and inexperienced drivers who believe they are invincible. Texting while driving is a serious traffic violation and a leading cause of car accidents, so avoid using your phone while you drive.  

2. The Thespian

This kind of driver virtually lives in ‘La La Land’ and the highway is their Broadway. They cannot drive without blaring music on their car speakers and giving a performance to match. You may notice them sing along with accurate expressions and everything. The thespian driver is entertaining and infectious, so they might just make your day. How fun would it be to become a part of an impromptu live musical while you’re stuck in traffic? 

3. The Multi-tasker

Some people just have so much to do that focusing on one thing at a time is so not their style. They have one hand on the steering wheel, while the other is used to assist several side tasks, such as sipping coffee, typing a work email, putting on makeup, and tending to a child driving with them. The multi-tasker is normally taking work calls on their hands-free, navigating the road, and conversing with a passenger simultaneously. They often need to make a few stops on the way and are referred to as ‘over-achievers’ in their social circle. If you are a multi-tasker yourself, know that this is an unhealthy practice that endangers your life on the road. 

4. The Aristocrat

The aristocrat drives a luxury car that flaunts their elite status; you can easily guess that this person is rich and likes to show off. They expect VIP treatment wherever they go, and assume that they are entitled to the right of way. They have an eventful social life to keep up with, so they don’t appreciate anyone getting in their way. You can read their lips through closed windows because they are always speaking exaggeratedly. The person driving with them is usually exhausted by their obnoxious chatter and looks like they will pass out any minute. 

5. The Neat-freak

Many people love their car, but the car of a neat-freak is like a temple for them. They keep it squeaky clean and it always smells fresh. This type of driver is very particular about cleanliness, so driving with them can be a tad bit annoying. They are generally good drivers, but are likely to refuse the request for a lift if the person asking looks grimy. If you do manage to get in their car, know that eating or drinking inside is off limits. 

6. The Special Agent

Sleek black cars with tainted windows tend to appear out of thin air and then disappear without a trace. It is a rare sight to see one with a rolled down window or one that is parked and you get a glimpse of the driver stepping out. This driver looks like someone who stepped out of ‘Men in Black’ with their killer shades and suave facade. You can bet they’re a spy, but wonder if it’s an actual person or robot. 

7. The Fast & Furious

Some drivers are simply passive aggressive or like to be reckless on the road. They think that the real world is a ‘Fast & Furious’ movie and they are the main character. These drivers have no respect for traffic rules and speeding tickets mean nothing to them. Many of them drive while intoxicated, which makes them liable for several DUI Car Accidents

8. The Decorator

Some cars stand out more than others because their owners go the extra mile to make them conspicuous. They adorn their car with flashy stickers, paintings, and other glitzy knickknacks for the purpose of self-expression. Some call it art, some say it’s cool, but the majority thinks that this person ruined a perfectly normal car. Most decorators also prefer to make their car noisy on purpose to seek attention everywhere they go. 

9. The Navigator

The navigator knows all the ways too well, so opening Google Maps in their presence is the biggest insult possible. They can find every destination by intuition, and always know a shortcut the average driver has never heard about. If their navigation skills fail you, they will convince you that someone is conspiring against them, so it isn’t their fault. 

10. The Grandma

People who drive way below the speed limit for no apparent reason are labeled as the grandma drivers. The grandma driver is just being extra cautious, without realizing that they become a nuisance for fellow drivers on the same road. These sluggish drivers typically possess an ancient car and an oblivious face of an angel, so it’s hard getting mad at them. 

11. The Impassive

Impassive drivers mind their own business and go about their day with a blank expression. They are decent drivers and refrain from being involved in any chaos. They probably have a lot on their mind, but don’t let emotions affect their driving. These drivers maintain a balance, and having more of them would make the roads a lot more peaceful

12. The Honker

This kind of driver is either extremely dumb, borderline crazy, or overly anxious. They are way over their head if they think that repeatedly blasting the horn will make the traffic move faster or get the green light to come on sooner. If you do this, know that many people think about crushing your skull with their bare hands every time. 

13. The Olivia Rodrigo

It’s great news that you got your driver’s license and all, but you need to get over it already. Obtaining your driver’s license might be an emotional milestone for you, but other drivers on the road don’t care. This kind of drivers has no sense of direction or destination to get to. They want to explore their new found freedom and drive down memory lane while they’re at it. 

14. The Inflexible

Inflexible drivers always stick to a course that they are accustomed to, and do not cope well with change. If you suggest making an extra stop, re-routing, or going someplace different while they’re on the wheel, they might just lose it. If the route they usually take is blocked for some reason, their reaction is not pretty. 

15. The Tinderella Detector

Some drivers treat the open road like the Tinder application. They are always checking out people on the way, especially when the car is at a halt. Legend says they are looking for Tinderella, and that could be you. Next time you notice a fellow driver staring at you at the red light, in a parking lot, or in the middle of a traffic jam, you may assume that they are virtually swiping right on you; whether you’re creeped out or flattered depends upon various factors. 

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